3 tips to better deal with anxiety


Anx-i-e-ty /aNG’ziede/ noun

Old Meaning:

A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

New Meaning:

An internal fear-based feeling of worry that is wholly unique to each person’s perception, has no basis in reality, but is focused on a projected panic of the future.


Anxiety starts with us and it can only end with us. If anxiety appears at night waking you with cycling thoughts of dread, the most important thing is to open your eyes and come out of the sleep state. Turn on the lights and push your mind to focus on something else by reading a book. Do not read on your phone (the blue light will keep you awake) and whatever you do, avoid social media, as it can intensify feelings of not-enough-ness when you do fall asleep again.


Breathe deeply for at least 10 modulated breaths. Inhale to a count of 5, pause for 3 seconds, exhale to a count of 5, pause for 3, repeat. Let your belly go round and puffy, fill up your lungs and even audibly sigh out. Breathing deeply has a physical effect on our nervous system.


Use CDB or hemp products in any form. A topical can be used to massage into your temples or your feet, which contain nerve endings to your entire body. Focus on the “great surge pressure point” on the top of your feet, about two or three finger widths below the intersection of your big and second toe. The area is in the hollow just above the bone.