Our Team.

We’re a small but growing, passionate and diverse team comprised of world traveling healers, healthcare providers, athletes, parents and entrepreneurs committed to spiritually disrupting the rising CBD industry. From formulating the most natural product available on the market, to getting it into the hands of the consumers who can benefit most from is therapeutic powers; we have the knowledge and the network to make a major impact on the every growing cannabis industry.
Megan Blackwell

Megan Blackwell

BESO Founder & President
Few individuals have the potential to shake up an industry. Megan Blackwell is on a trajectory to do just that. With over 30 years of experience in kinesiology, health-education, massage therapy, skin care, energy work and bio-mechanical remodeling, she has seen and worked with all types of people and ailments. Being married to a former NBA player, she also worked with notable athletes on and off the court to truly understand their common injuries and has worked to develop a product to eliminate opioid-based treatment for these professionals and beyond.
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