Amber Blackwell

Athlete & Mother - Uses BESO products for Muscle Pain & Recovery as well as on Acne Scarring

Dr. Christian Gregory

Chiropractor - Uses BESO products with and for patients experiencing chronic or everyday muscular pain & discomfort as an alternative to over the counter oral pain relief.

CJ Blackwell

Athlete - Applied BESO as a pain management solution/opioid alternative after knee surgery resulting from a basketball injury


CrossFit Athlete & Marketing Director - Uses BESO Products for Muscle Recovery, Sleep & Muscle Stiffness


After 5 debilitating soft tissue injuries, uses BESO Products for chronic soft tissue and muscle pain.

Damien Salter

Suffers from Bell’s Palsy, uses Beso Products for stimulation of facial muscles.


Uses BESO for Chronic Pain Relief for ankle and knee injuries

Megan Blackwell

BESO Founder & Massage Therapist - Found CBD was able to provide therapeutic relief for patients from everyday muscle pain, chronic pain and stress to skin ailments and acne scars.

Jasmine Benjamin

Celebrity stylist with A-list celebrity clientele Jasmine Benjamin, who experiences sciatica.

Aisha Morris

Musician/performer Aisha Morris, daughter of Stevland Morris (also known as Stevie Wonder) uses Beso products on a regular basis and highly recommends everything about this product, as she claims, “You don’t have to worry about if it really works, it really does work.”

Prodigal Sunn

Wu-Tang Clan affiliated group Sunz of Man Prodigal Sunn expresses his satisfaction with BESO products, claiming “massage therapy is a part of healing” and that “BESO Wellness is the place to be.”

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