5 tips for Surviving Menopause


Men-o-pause / ’men.p.poz/ noun

Old Meaning:

the ceasing of menstruation, the period in a women’s life (typically between 45-50 years of age) when this occurs.

New Meaning:

First of all, how ironic is it that this word consists of “men” and “pause”? This is a time in a woman’s life of great changes for the body, mind and spirit, most of which happens 4-10 years leading up to the end of menstruation.


Slow down. This is a time not to push away uncomfortable symptoms such as sleeplessness, anxiety, night sweats and yes, dryness of everything, (including the vajayjay). It’s time to notice and do the nourishing things for your mind, body and spirit. Self care should be top of mind and on your “To Do” list. But whatever one does, honor this change as a milestone into wisdom and groundedness, attributes one can only earn with time (and does not come with the handbook of youth).


Seek remedies that work for you, but focus on sleep as being paramount. With good sleep, all can be conquered. For some that is weekly acupuncture, herbs and an incredible array of healing cannabis products from hemp and CBD to straight up THC; these are the queens of sleep therapies. Try CBD massage that provides relaxation from anxiety and the healing power of cannabis for sleep. Symptoms are so varied for every woman, as are remedies, hormone replacement therapy is also an option, but do your homework on this before indulging.


Communicate with your partners, friends and family. Otherwise, they will think you’ve lost your mind, or are ignoring them.


Accept yourself in all stages of life and be grateful for the little things. The alternative is not as attractive.


Find a great doctor who can guide you through all options, which range from food, rest, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, rest and new routines.